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Safer Vaginal Sex

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Vaginal sex: Sex that involves your fingers, hands, or penis inside another person’s vagina OR another person’s fingers, hands, or penis inside your vagina.

Note on language: In order to be as clear as possible, we use the medical terms associated with people’s body parts. We understand that these may not be the words you use for your body or the words that best describe you. 

It’s up to you

You decide if you want to have vaginal sex. Checking in with your partner to make sure you say yes to what is about to happen is an important part of having great sex. 

Can I get STIs from vaginal sex?

With fingers and hands

There is almost no risk of getting an STI or giving someone else an STI when having vaginal sex with fingers and hands.

With penises

Use condoms and internal condoms (sometimes called female condoms) when having vaginal sex. 

If you are not living HIV, PrEP is a daily pill you can take to prevent getting HIV. Talk to your doctor about whether or not PrEP is right for you. 

If you or your partner can get pregnant, and you don’t want to have a baby right now, it’s important to also talk to your doctor about birth control options, like the pill or an IUD, in addition to condoms. 

Get tested

When getting an STI test it’s important to get tested in all the places on your body you are having sex. Talk to the person who is doing your testing about the types of sex you are having so you can get all the tests you need to keep yourself and your partners safe. 


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