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Alternatives to Self-Harm

Here‘s a list of many different and unique alternatives to self-harm! Every time you use one of these is a victory. It's okay if you don't use them all the time, but gradually switching to these is wonderful and welcomed!

  • Find a stuffed animal or picture and yell all your yucky thoughts to it rather than to yourself
  • Hold some Ice in your hand or rub on the area you wish to self harm
  • Snuggle some pets or stuffed animals and talk to them
  • Punch, kick, or stomp on a pillow or couch cushion
  • Draw beautiful artwork on yourself you don’t wanna ruin (If possible get some tattoos on your common self harm areas)
  • Buy some mousepads or cheap fabric and rip it to shreds!
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Alternatives to Self-Harm

Use the 3D’s: Delay, Distract, and Decide! Hold off on self harm for a few minutes or hours, distract yourself with a funny video, or anything you have available. Lastly, decide to not harm yourself or decide to delay again. Check out other alternatives below!

  • Rubber bands can be a friend, but Be careful!  Gently snapping it on your wrist can help though.
  • Go to your car and scream or yell
  • Reach out to anyone! If you don’t want to call anyone you know  call or text a hotline!
  • Blow up a balloon and pop it in whatever fashion suits you best!
  • Buy some pencils and break them! (tearing paper is also fun!)
  • Moisturize your skin! Soft smooth skin is always nice!
  • Eat some spicy or sour foods!
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Alternatives to Self-Harm

Use T.I.P.P: Temperature, Intense Exercise, Paced Breathing, Paired Muscle Relaxation.  Cold temperatures can decrease the often heated mood we’re in when we wish to self harm. A fast sprint or short HITT workout is great for getting out those self-harm urges in a healthy way!

Using 4-7-8 breathing or four square breathing can really help calm your senses and slow your heartbeat. Lastly, listening and following along to some muscle relaxing youtube videos can help physically bring you to a more relaxed state.

  • Take a walk or run! (Bonus: Go to a secluded area and scream or yell)
  • Do a rhythmic and light tapping on your lap or area you wish to self harm
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach, or with someone safe!
  • Make some regular art, good or bad, with whatever you have on hand!

Just remember, it will pass! This feeling is not forever, and you are strong and capable of finding an alternate to self harm! Even if you don’t that’s oaky too! Just keeping trying afterword. It’s important to forgive yourself if you so self harm.

Created by Kiandra Powdhar

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